New delivery of some classics from Ostheimer, including some Fairytale pieces!

Brin d'Ours

Brin d’Ours are makers of handmade, sustainable wooden children's toys and animals, crafted from natural materials and designed with love in France. Hand painted accents and smoothed edges, Brin d'Ours wooden toys are safe for children to play with and can also be used as sweet decorative additions to homes.

Arriving ahead of spring, we are so pleased to welcome a full restock of Brin d’Ours designs to SMALL-FOLK, as one of two stockists here in the UK! Capturing the beauty of animals small and large, seasonal environments, foliage and select holiday scenes, Brin d’Ours allows children to use their imagination in creating their own worlds. From the Brin d’Ours Baby Hedgehog and Piglet, to a Frog, Lying Natural Baby Rabbit and Snail, there are endless ideas to be explored! Really helping to set the scene, Brin d’Ours Grass and Lily Pad designs are simplistic yet perfectly capture the essence of spring-like settings. 

Adhering to three key values - to make healthy and natural toys, follow 100% French production and limit their impact - Brin d’Ours operates using 100% French production and proudly uses no plastic within their production which is completed all in one place.

Brin d'Ours Sleeping Brown Bunny
Sleeping Brown Bunny
Brin d'Ours
Regular price £8.10
Brin d'Ours Bear River
Bear River
Brin d'Ours
Regular price £132.00
Extra Base for Brin d'Ours Trees
Extra Base for Brin d'Ours Trees
Brin d'Ours
Double Green In stock
Double Natural Out of stock
Triple Green Out of stock
Triple Natural Out of stock
Brin d'Ours handmade in France Standing Duckling
Standing Duckling
Brin d'Ours
Regular price £11.30 Sold out
Brin d'Ours 2 Part Winter Bush
2 Part Winter Bush
Brin d'Ours
Regular price £13.90
Brin d'Ours Small Fir Tree
Small Fir Tree
Brin d'Ours
Regular price £25.90
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