New delivery of some classics from Ostheimer, including some Fairytale pieces!


fairechild is a sustainable fashion brand that offers quality outerwear for today’s families, with future generations in mind. As champions of the circular economy, fairechild believe in thoughtful design, transparency and responsible manufacturing. Offering robust outerwear for kids and children, fairechild designs are classic and durable; created with passing-down through generations in mind. Inspired by the past and heritage details with a minimalist touch, fairechild favors colour and their chosen palette acts as a celebration of the natural world and the adventures that come with having children.

Covering little ones from head to toe and fitting at least three sizes for greater longevity and versatile layering, the fairechild Midi Rain Jacket and matching fairechild Rain Pants are both simple and functional with silhouettes that make sure to protect key areas and have lightweight finishes to allow for wear with different weighted layers through the changing seasons.

Encouraging time outside, no matter the weather in hope of inspiring a deeper connection to nature and environmental stewardship, fairechild understands that our natural resources are limited, and that we must work as a global community to protect them. fairechild is a women-owned business with an all-female team, operated primarily by mothers.

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