Inspiring children to engage in slow learning and play activities without any time constraints, Grapat wooden toys encourage the creation of imaginative, realistic and invented miniature worlds. 

Famous for their colourful wooden Grapat Mandala and Grapat Nins sets that can be used for a host of teaching and play activities, the mix-and-match collections of natural material tokens come in an array of shapes and sizes. 

Unsure where to start with your Grapat collection? For a mixture of designs in one, we recommend the Grapat Together or Grapat Insects sets. If you are after creating your own advent calendar, the Grapat Seasons Sets make for bright characters that help to set the mood of nature and come in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter editions. For a fun treat or small gift, we love the mystery Grapat Lucky Lucky surprise sets and the individual Little Things gems.

A family-run company based in the Pyrenean mountains of Catalonia region of Spain, the Grapat design team crafts each piece by hand, drawing inspiration from traditional design, and utilising raw wood materials to give each toy a unique character. The natural dyes used in manufacture allow the wood's beautiful grain to shine through and coloured waxes and oils provide a protective and glossy finish, ensuring top-notch quality.

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