New delivery of some classics from Ostheimer, including some Fairytale pieces!


Created by people who are devoted to creating pleasure in peoples’ lives and homes, Livingly paper sculptures and mobiles are individually handmade in Denmark where the country's famous design style and roots provide continuous inspiration, in both the aesthetic and high quality finish of Livingly collections. Brought to life with kids and adults in mind, the paper mobiles bring calm and peace to any space, featuring shapes and characters from nature. As playful yet sophisticated craft pieces, paper and wood are used to allow for fluid movement when caught by the breeze. We think Livingly decorative mobiles are just magical - please send us any photos of these in your own space, we'd love to see!

Conscious of their social and environmental responsibility, every material used in Livingly’s production originates from sustainable and environment-friendly production; the paper and wood used originates from sustainable forestry and environmentally responsible companies in Europe.

Launched with the sole intention of creating a visual and mindful experience in an often chaotic world, Livingly was originally a small-scale local project, but soon captured the attention of an international audience. Sharing their love for decoration and engagement of the senses, Livingly are always seeking new creative possibilities. As proud suppliers of high quality products and custom-made projects, since 2008 Livingly has been run by creative couple Kent Sejdelin and Louise Helmersen who have developed the original vision further, from local to global as the mesmerizing paper designs are now sold in more than 20 countries.

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