The Old Man - Sarah V, Claude Dubois

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The Old Man is a book that matters. Behind its dark topic, it’s a bright book—about children’s non prejudices, generosity, honesty and about hopefulness—that children and adults will love.

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Written by Sarah V. and illustrated by Claude  Dubois

Translated by Daniel Hahn

Day breaks over the town. Wake up, everybody! It’s time to go to school. It’s time for the old man to get up, too. The night was icy and he’s hungry. His name? He no longer knows…

This is the story of a person with no job, no family, no home—a nobody, who can’t even remember his name. But his day changes when he is noticed by a child.

Drawn in soft, watercolour pencil, this is an important story for our times. This gentle, compelling book will appeal to children’s sense of justice and to every reader’s compassion.

  • Country of Origin: France
  • Reader Age: 3-7 year
  • Book Size: 15 × 21 cm

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