The Stone Giant - Anna Höglund

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The Stone Giant is a read-aloud storybook about cunning, courage and survival in which a girl sets out to save her father from the giant who turns everyone she meets to stone.

Written by Anna Höglund

Translated by Julia Marshall

When her father leaves to save the people from a giant who turns them to stone with his gaze, the child in the red dress is left alone.
Many days and many nights go by. Every evening the girl says good night to herself in her mirror. When the last light burns down, the girl takes her mirror and a knife and sets out to find her father.
“I will save my father from the giant,” she says.
The Stone Giant is a contemporary and timeless fairytale that tells of a child who succeeds where adults cannot.
Based on a classic Swedish fairytale by Elsa Beskow, often called the Beatrix Potter of Scandinavia whose books have been read by Swedish children for over 100 years.

  • Country of Origin Sweden
  • Reader Age 5-8 year
  • Book Size 20 × 16 cm

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