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Vivobarefoot Vivo Barefoot Women's Ultra III Bloom - Moonstone
Vivobarefoot Vivo Barefoot Women's Ultra III Bloom - Moonstone

Women's Ultra III Bloom - Moonstone


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The Ultra III carries you across land and through water with grip, flexibility and full barefoot feeling. The open-honeycomb design is made with BLOOM® foam, which removes harmful algae blooms from waterways to reverse the damage of water pollution.


  • A lightweight, water-friendly design combining underwater durability and barefoot sensitivity.
  • Foot shaped (not shoe shaped), to let your feet do their natural thing
  • WIDE to allow for natural stability
  • THIN to enable you to feel more
  • FLEXIBLE to enable natural movement.
  • The honeycomb design allows water and debris to pass through, making you more nimble underwater without sacrificing overland stability.
  • Works with nature for nature to promote the importance of both blue and green health (and exploration!).
  • As a nature-based solution, BLOOM® foam represents the Vivobarefoot ongoing quest to apply nature’s wisdom to solving modern problems.
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