Eco friendly school lunch boxes, snack containers and reusable water bottles that are the perfect size for fitting into school backpacks and bags. Easily washable at the end of the day thanks to the use of stainless steel and silicone for lids and bases by respected brands such as Liewood and One Green Bottle, the focus here is on durability and practicality. We expect a good school lunch box and water bottle to last well over a year and better yet, making it easy to eradicate single use plastics during on-the-go meal times, they can be used just about everyday of the year, for picnics, playdates and car journeys.

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Sloop Loop Carrier for Onegreenbottle Bottles


2 Litre Insulated Stainless Steel Canteen


Raymon Snack Box - Garden Green Crocodile


Classic Sports Cap - Amazon Green


Classic Sports Cap - Black


2 Litre Insulated Liquorice Canteen


500ml Tough Canteen - Stainless w/ All Steel Cap


Loop Cap with Onegreenbottle Clip Carabiner


Arthur Lunch Box - Pineapples


Arthur Lunch Box - Sea Creatures


500ml Vacuum Insulated Evolution Stainless Steel Bottle - Tempest


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