Resources for home educating children up to early teen years. From educational books, to plastic free vegan wax crayon sets and wooden mandalas, our home schooling resources can assist with teaching a number of different subjects. The beautiful imagery within our educational book selection will capture imaginations and keep young minds engaged, with picks from Little Gestalten, Flying Eye Books and Templar Publishing, whilst crayons from Goober, Stockmar and The Natural Crayon Company offer vibrant, toxin-free wax pastels for creative experiments and projects.

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Pocket Crayons - Seasons


Ancient Wonders - Avalon Nuovo, Iris Volant


My Body


Dinosaurium - Chris Wormell/Lily Murray


Fungarium - Royal Botanic Gardens Kew/Katie Scott


Wax Crayon Set

£12.00 +

Wax Block Set

£13.00 +

Botanicum - Kathy Willis/Katie Scott


Flower Petals Mandala


Highest Mountain, Deepest Ocean - Kate Baker/Page Tsou


Who Invented This? - Anne Ameri-Siemens


Stacking Apple


Hello Nature Activity Book - Nina Chakrabarti


The Book of Amazing Trees - Nathalie Tordjman, Isabelle Simler, Julien Norwood


Historium - Jo Nelson; Richard Wilkinson


A Child's Seasonal Treasury - Betty Jones


Peanut Crayons


Myths, Mummies and Magic in Ancient Egypt - Stephen Davies, Nuria Tamarit


The World That Feeds Us - Nancy F. Castaldo, Ginnie Hsu


Arboretum - Tony Kirkham


Weather Wheel


Who Owns These Bones? - Raphaël Martin, Henri Cap, Renaud Vigourt


Alphabetics - Patrick and Traci Concepción


Science and Me - Ali Winter, Mickaël el Fathi


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