Women's Sleepwear

You will look forward to bedtime even more with our selection of natural, high quality women's sleepwear styles! Decorated with beautiful all-over prints bursting with character, choose between pyjama sets with trousers and shorts to suit your comfort and style preference. 

Constructed from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, Myza sleepwear sets have been designed to feel both classic and contemporary with ocean-inspired digital print patterns and contrast piped seams that add a refined touch. For a more relaxed look and sure to capture the attention of anyone who appreciates hand-block print techniques, Sissoo's artisan pyjamas have been designed in the UK with nature in mind and dyed using natural veg dyes for a totally unique finish.

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Women's Organic Cotton Pyjama Shorts Set - Blue Tiger & Floral

£22.50 £45.00

Women's Organic Cotton Pyjama Shorts Set - Floral On White

£22.50 £45.00

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