Beautiful and practical purses, bags and baskets for your everyday needs and sometimes occasional. True essentials that can take you from day to night, whether you are seeking a replacement leather purse, want to replace your tote with a classic woven market basket or require a large cross-body bag for day to day errands, we carefully select our purses, bags and baskets to ensure they are practical yet beautiful.

Designed and made close to the SMALL-FOLK store here in Devon, ByAliceWood leather purses, clutch bags and large satchel-style accessories are made with attention to material and detail for pieces that will soften beautifully as they stand the test of time. Admired labels for classic woven market bags with a twist, Olli Ella and Maboba both look to vintage rattan baskets for inspiration and add their own personality through colour pop finishes and different weave techniques.

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Women's Veg Tan Leather Stud Purse


Rattan Big Luggy


French Market Bag


Zorko Basket - Natural


Women's Veg Tan Leather Two Stud Purse


Rattan Half Moon Basket


Oversized Double Handle Market Bag


Women's Veg Tan Leather Make Up Bag


French Market Bag (Vegan)


Zorko Basket - Rust


Zorko Basket - Black


Zorko Basket - Green Ash


Zorko Basket - Fuchsia


Zorko Basket - Aqua


Zorko Basket - Pink


Women's Large Alice Bag - Licorice/Tan


Women's Large Alice Bag - Mustard/Brown


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