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Eco-friendly Christmas 2023 gifts for women. Browse beautiful, sustainable Christmas stocking fillers and unique main gifts for women, including organic cotton underwear, natural fibre socks, knitted accessories and illustrated postcards and prints to admire year-round.

Adding a touch of eco-luxe to everyday day, matching underwear sets from Pico Goods can be traced right back to the family-owned factories in India where each bra and knicker are made, whilst the stunning illustrations of artists Studio Satsch, Hadley Paper Goods and Hjelm Förlag add a charming touch to any space, or can be used to hold gift cards and seasons greetings.

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Elsa Beskow - The Sun Egg Mini Poster


Elsa Beskow - Blasippan Poster


Elsa Beskow - Mother's Little Olle Poster


Elsa Beskow Seasonal A4 Poster (Single)


Elsa Beskow Seasonal Postcard (Single)


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