As a stockist of Ostheimer wooden toys in the UK, we are thrilled to offer the brand's distinctive hand-crafted wood figures to provide children with relatable examples of the real world during creative play. Based in Germany, Ostheimer is driven by tradition, sustainable production and making new things possible. 

Decorated with life-like detailing, designs such as the Brown Horse, Goldfinch bird, Sitting Frog and Crocodile (complete with moveable, snapping mouth) introduce kids to the wider world with all their senses during creative play. 

Made by people for people, Ostheimer has been crafting wooden toys for over 70 years. Enhancing its collection of exquisitely crafted and captivating figures every year, Ostheimer always considers the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants by utilising responsibly sourced and sustainable materials - including painting with organic oil - to help protect future childhoods.

Individually shaped to create unique hand-crafted finishes, Ostheimer hopes to give the best to children through their high-quality goods and use of materials that cultivate a connection to mother nature.

Read more about Ostheimer in our journal here.

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Helper of St Nicholas




Noah's Wife






Dwarf Bodo


Snow White


Red Riding Hood


Yellow Fish


Red Fish


Sitting Raccoon


Running Sea Otter


Small Beaver


Sitting Beaver


Moorland Sheep


Ruby Dwarf


Topaz Dwarf


Aquamarine Dwarf


Rose Quartz Dwarf


Frog King


Black Knight


Blue Riding Knight


Horse for Knight, Blue


Standing Blue Knight


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