Poudre Organic

Launched in 2014 after an unsuccessful search for comfortable, sustainable, eco-friendly clothing on a budget for founders Manon and Quentin’s families, Poudre Organic offers women’s dresses and skirts, women’s tops, hair scrunchies, children’s trousers, kids dungarees and more! Following three ecology, social commitment and materials pillars of Poudre Organic’s conscious mission, all of the fabrics used within Poudre Organic’s children’s and women’s collections are natural, from organic agriculture in support of future fashion and protection of the planet.

Based in France, Poudre Organic has chosen a factory in Portugal to bring their ideas to life. Choosing a smaller scale factory in comparison to other brands, the Poudre Organic team are able to name every seamstress individually who are experienced in working with the ecological materials used which, like the designs themselves, are all made in Europe. Moving between linen, recycled synthetic fibres, GOTS certified and OEKO-TEX processed organic cotton, Poudre Organics collections have a rustic, vintage influenced edge that are best suited to casual wear and layering throughout the year.

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Pivoine Sun Hat - Toffee


Pivoine Sun Hat - Toasted Almond


Pivoine Sun Hat - Lavender Aura


Scrunchie - Fir Green


Scrunchie - Toasted Almond


Scrunchie - Lavender Aura


Women's Carotte Trousers - Denim Blue


Women's Cotton Jumper - Noix de Cajou


Women's Joubarde Overall - Fir Green


Women's Coco Ribbed Trousers - Toffee


Women's Cosmos Long Ribbed Skirt - Toffee


Women's Cosmos Long Ribbed Skirt - Fir Green


Women's Datte Blouse - Toffee


Women's Sencha Shirt - Toasted Almond


Women's Neotine Blouse - Lavender Aura


Mangue Dress - Fir Green


Trousers Pomelos - Fir Green Cotton Gauze


Ancolie Blouse - Lavender Aura


Scrunchie - Iron Gate Stripes


Women's Coquelicot Corduroy Trousers - Fir Green


Women's Glycine Jacket - Nuthatch


Women's Rosier Shirt - Fir Green


Scrunchie - Rose Quartz


Women's Rosier Shirt - Almond Milk


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