Designing for modern families, Liewood clothing and accessories are made using sustainable materials with easy-clean finishes. With a whole range of products on offer that make finding high quality, ethically-made essentials easy to find, Liewood baby cuddle cloths and bibs, school snack boxes, bath toys, printed pyjamas and 3-pack underwear sets all reflect the Danish brand’s focus on creating ease and inspire the everyday lives of families. If you enjoy simple, modern styling, Liewood is sure to become your latest go-to label.

Working with a muted and versatile colour palette, Liewood was founded in 2015 with the idea to create unique kids' interior items that are functional with simple details. Fitting seamlessly into existing kitchenware, bedrooms and general living spaces, Liewood products have a definitive minimalist style and casual feel, but with considered finishes that provide an elevated look and appeal. 

Demonstrating strong values and decisions based on profound knowledge and experience, Liewood children’s accessories are produced under controlled, safe and fair conditions and of skilled suppliers who do not compromise on either employment or environment. In addition to their textile products being made in India at a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified supplier, you will also find LFGB certifications (Tested according to latest EU regulations) confirmed on a selection of Liewood designs.

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Earl Stamp Set - Safari


Vikky Bath Toys - Elephant/Crocodile


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