12 Nins

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Grapat 12 Nins®.

12 Nins® in the colours of the rainbow. 

Includes a textile bag made from GOT Certificate fabric.

The 12 Nins® are wooden toys that offer endless possibilities for imaginative play, enabling children to create captivating stories and miniature universes. When paired with other toys and elements, they can be incorporated into educational activities involving maths, language, and sensory exploration.

What makes Nins® truly remarkable is their never-ending potential for open-ended nature, allowing children to explore and utilise it in countless creative ways.

Nins® don’t have eyes or a gender. This way, it’s the children who can develop their own stories and it’s them who decide which character they are going to play with (a pirate, a vampire…etc.).

Recommended age + 12 months.

Grapat wooden toys encourage imaginative play and can be used for a variety of activities, including education and learning. As a proud UK stockist, we offer an exciting range of Grapat designs - you can browse our full Grapat collection here.

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