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Sabo Concept Mini Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy - Flower Meadow
Sabo Concept Mini Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy - Flower Meadow

Mini Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy - Flower Meadow

SABO concept

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This is a mini rainbow "Desert Night" mini makes it perfect for little hands!
Beautiful bright colours that one associates with summer night and desert!

A stacking rainbow toy is one of the most popular toys. Its minimalist design encourages children to use their imagination to the fullest and that is why this open ended toy may be used in variety of games.

How might one play with the rainbow toy?

With an arch stacker a child develops coordination and fine motor skills. Smaller children first play with it like with puzzle: they learn the sizes and try to assemble the full rainbow from the 7 arches. Later, the child learns colours and the notions of "bigger" and "smaller" / "taller" and "shorter" / "wider" and "thinner" etc.

Rainbow arch stackers can be used in imaginative play, as bridges and arches on small worlds, vehicle play and train-set set ups, marble and ball runs are other possible ideas, and children will find many other uses in their games!

Made in Ukraine

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