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Eric & Albert Set of Three Christmas Presents

Set of Three Christmas Presents

Eric & Albert

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This set of three simply shaped presents are a lovely little extra to add to any Christmas scene. They are each a different size and shape sparking little imaginations with what could be hidden inside. They are decorated in a subtle and traditional way with plain colours and corresponding ribbon. These presents can be stacked in the sleigh, placed under the snowy fir tree or even carried by Father Christmas.

Hand crafted from sustainable hardwood (sustainable English sycamore) this set of three presents has a wonderful texture with the wood grain showing through the natural plant based paint.

Due to being hand cut and hand painted with all natural, non toxic, plant based stains the wood grain shows through the detail of these presents meaning each item has its own beautiful unique characteristics. The natural products used to finish the Eric & Albert toys means the integrity of the wood is maintained resulting in a wonderful tactile texture whilst ensuring the toys are durable and robust.

They are fully UKCA and CE Certified and suitable for children over 3 years.


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