The Midnight Panther - Poonam Mistry

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Panther is not like the other cats. Leopard has beautiful spots, Tiger has impressive stripes and Lion has a magnificent mane. Panther is small, shy and dark. One night he decides to go and find out where in the jungle he really belongs. Finally summoning the courage to scale the treetops, he answers the call of moonlight and ink-black night. Perhaps up among the stars he will find out something about his own strength and beauty.

A stunning fable about courage and finding your place in the world, with beautiful illustrations by Greenaway-shortlisted Poonam Mistry. The perfect gift book.

Publication date: 13 Oct 2022

Format: Hardback

Number of pages: 48

Dimensions: (height & width) 306 mm x 227 mm

Author: Poonam Mistry

Illustrator: Poonam Mistry

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