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What's the Difference - Emma Strack/Guillaume Plantevin

What's the Difference - Emma Strack/Guillaume Plantevin

Abrams & Chronicle

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What distinguishes a mandarin orange from a clementine, an iris from a pupil, a tornado from a cyclone, and a bee from a wasp? The difference is in the details! This content rich illustrated extravaganza distills the distinctions between an impressive collection of pairs—from animals to food to geography and more—offering enlightening trivia, amusing tidbits, and unforgettable facts in a highly browsable format.

Young readers can dip in quickly to feed their curiosity, or delve into the details and stay awhile. With a bold, graphic art style and an accessible, smart text, this miscellany collection will enrich probing minds (or is it “brains”?!).

  • Suitable for 7+ year olds
  • 279 x 203mm
  • Hardback
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