New delivery of some classics from Ostheimer, including some Fairytale pieces!

Mr. Dendro

Mr. Dendro believe that discovering talents, interests and passion begins with free play. Wooden blocks, wooden toy cars and other wooden toys are perfect for creating new worlds from scratch. Whether children are building a city, creating racetracks or are zooming a wooden toy car around, they can turn wooden toys into anything they want them to be. Inspiring kids to have more non-screen time and play freely, using their imagination and creativity to give their play a twist is why we are creating wooden toys.

All the Mr. Dendro wooden toys are safe and comply with the latest European toy safety standards. The skilled master wood craftsmen inspect the toys during each stage of production and regularly test the paint and inks to verify they meet or exceed government safety regulations.

Creating wooden toys with wood sourced from sustainable forests only (FSC certified) and packed in 100% recyclable packaging. And our paints and inks? They are all totally safe, water based and without toxins.

Mr. Dendro Wooden Toy Cars The Wrecker
The Wrecker
Mr. Dendro
Regular price £23.00 Sold out
Mr. Dendro Wooden Toy Cars Police Patrol
Police Patrol
Mr. Dendro
Regular price £21.00 Sold out
Mr. Dendro Wooden Toy Cars The Wagon
The Wagon
Mr. Dendro
Regular price £19.50 Sold out
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