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Sprig Knitwear

Sprig Knitwear is a small knitwear label dwelling in the heart of Hampshire, England designed and made by Antonia Sullivan. Antonia creates high quality and charming knitwear using 100% pure lambswool, adorned in alluring patterns and connected in compelling colours.

Sprig knitwear's concept was born while looking through old family photographs of children growing up during mid-century Britain. These photos were mostly in black and white, yet were filled with delightful patterns and personality. Sprig knitwear brings these qualities to life with vivid colours and playful decorations. 

The wool supply is sourced from Geelong, Australia, a region that's famous for it's soft and high quality lambswool. This fibre is then spun and dyed into a fine yarn in Yorkshire, England.
As a designer-maker, I strive to produce high quality, charming knitwear using hand-powered machinery in our studio while also ensuring all garments have an ultra soft finish and are crafted to last.

Sprig Knitwear explores nostalgia and our relationship with childhood. The ethos focuses on wrapping customers in love and bringing brightness on those bleak winter days with colour, softness and warmth.

Sprig Knitwear Women's Ru Beanie - Jade
Women's Ru Beanie - Jade
Sprig Knitwear
Regular price £32.00 £16.00 Sale
Sprig Knitwear Women's Ru Beanie - Rust
Women's Ru Beanie - Rust
Sprig Knitwear
Regular price £32.00 £16.00 Sale
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