New delivery of some classics from Ostheimer, including some Fairytale pieces!


For 100 years, the name STOCKMAR has stood for the highest caliber of art supplies. Believing that quality includes the aspiration to create artistic spaces which have a positive impact on individual development, STOCKMAR approach and maintain quality in a comprehensive way: through the careful selection of raw materials, first-class processing and excellent colour, paint and modelling properties. This allows them to create exceptional products which support a rich, artistic experience—be it at home, at kindergarten or school, or in a therapeutic environment.
STOCKMAR Wax Block Set of 8
Wax Block Set
8 Out of stock
16 Out of stock
32 In stock
STOCKMAR Wax Crayon Set of 8
Wax Crayon Set
8 Out of stock
16 In Stock
32 Out of stock
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