Badger, Woven Iron-on Patch

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This woven accessory will add a great custom touch to your belongings, such as hats, t-shirts or bags.

- Measures approximately 6cm at the widest point.
- Posted with a card backer with instructions on the back

- Set your iron to the hottest temperature setting for heavy materials such as denim, and a lower setting for more delicate fabrics. Do not use steam!

- Place the patch in the desired position and place a fabric, such as a pillowcase or tea towel over the top.

- Press the iron down over the patch for around 10 seconds.

- Turn your garment inside-out, or turn it over, and repeat the previous steps.

- Allow the patch to cool.

You can also sew the patch onto the garment for an even stronger fix, if you're attaching to something which is regularly washed then this is highly recommended to ensure it stays on well when washed.

Made in China, in a factory regulated by SEDEX

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