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Raduga Grez Big Triple Cubes Set
Raduga Grez Big Triple Cubes Set

Big Triple Cubes Set

Raduga Grez

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A new era for the cubes set

There are 3 different sizes of cubes in the set: 4 cubes 9x9, 9 cubes 6x6 and 36 cubes 3x3 cm. The bottom cubes are brown and beige, the middle cubes are grass, blue, and pink-brown. And it's all topped with a kaleidoscope of 36 colourful little cubes.

Small cubes lie in the palm massaging the child's hand and developing fine motor skills, as we were told by pedagogues. Medium cubes can be grasped with one hand, and large cubes for building with two hands. These are not simple cubes which differ only in colour, they also differ in weight and size!

This set takes up little space but opens up great play opportunities. Children will have to think about which cubes to put in the foundation and which ones to place on top. The tower will be at least 1,2 meters tall! And maybe laying the groundwork of a building will instill in your child a love of building and architecture!

These cubes make the kids room stylish. They allow you to share the play. The set is perfect for a parent and child or a group of children to play together.

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