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Palette Building Blocks Set
Palette Building Blocks Set

Palette Building Blocks Set

Raduga Grez

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Basic, but non-boring and pleasing to the eye building blocks of different shapes and shades.

The bright colours are like scattered glass in a kaleidoscope. Raduga Grez have used as many non-repeating shades as they could! It is perfect as the first building blocks for small kids, and offers more building variety than cubes.

Teaches abstract thinking. With it, your child will make beautiful setup in the style of abstractionists Rothko, Kandinsky, or Mondrian. It doesn't impose on your child to build a castle or a palace, it gives maximum space for imagination, and that's what makes it different from many building sets. These building blocks make you realize that the process is just as important as the result, that you can and should create new things that are unlike anything you've ever seen before.

The bottom of the tray is engraved with the shape of the parts for easy assembly after play.


74 wooden blocks presented in a box

Made from natural Linden

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