The Bumblebee Garden - Dawn Casey; Stella Lim

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In the chilly early spring, Ben and Grandpa are busy in the garden. Ben spots a fuzzy bumblebee in a cosy coat, just like him.

As spring turns to summer, Ben learns all about the lives of the bumblebees -- how they grow from eggs into hungry larvae, spin cocoons and finally emerge as bees -- and notices what he has in common with his buzzy friends. When Grandpa explains that bees carry pollen that helps juicy strawberries grow in their garden, Ben asks if they can help the bees in return.

The Bumblebee Garden is a charming, lyrical story that teaches young children about the life cycle of bees, and their importance to the balance of the natural world. The luminous illustrations will inspire readers to celebrate these remarkable, vital insects and help them thrive in their own gardens and nearby green spaces.

  • Hardback
  • 275 x 295 mm
  • Best suited from 3 to 7 years
  • 32 pages

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