Each week we select a children's book that we are particularly enjoying, and hope you will too. Always beautifully illustrated with touching stories and educational content, you can browse our full book collection here. We also have Yoto Audio Players which continue to be a hit with all age ranges.

SMALL-FOLK Book of the Week: The Stardust Elves - Anouk luria, Tijana Lukovic

Our Book of the Week:
We are so excited that this beautiful book is back in stock! The Stardust Elves - Anouk luria, Tijana Lukovic

We have been working with Anouk to find out a way to have it available through us in the UK, with logistics being tricky and shipping costly, but hopefully we’ve now got it sorted. It does mean the cost has gone up a little, but this is completely unavoidable, and the book is SO beautiful and the poetry SO sincere, from the heart, it’s worth every penny and more to explore and enjoy with the little ones over and over again

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