Minimalisma is one of our favourite Swedish kidswear brands. Designers of Nordic luxury essentials, made with love and purely natural materials, Minimalisma offers baby, kids, and women's clothing with a distinctive Scandinavian mood, with top-notch finishes and elegant details against timeless silhouettes.

From women’s cotton and silk blend tops and leggings to frilled bodysuits for babies and ribbed crop tops for kids, Minimalisma combines founder Maja Akraberg love for the design of her home region on a small volcanic archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, with the finest qualities to offer everyday wardrobe staples that easily become firm favourites.

A signature of Minimalisma’s is the soft signature silk seamless line which eliminates any irritating side seams by using a stretchable tubular fabric that gently embraces your body without feeling tight anywhere - the Minimalisma Women's Gerda Cotton/Silk Top - Cacao and Minimalisma Women's Cotton/Silk Leggings - Cacao both have a gorgeous hand feel, for anyone looking for a go-to matching set that can be worn as base layers, during yoga or simply relaxing around the home.

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Women's Cotton/Silk Leggings - Cacao


Women's Gerda Cotton/Silk Top - Cacao


Bella Crop Top - Sweet Rose


Nicest Cotton Leggings - Willow Green

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Beauty Frill Bodysuit - Antique Red


Nibe Wrap Bodysuit - Pear Sorbet


Bergen Cotton/Silk Tee - Sailor

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