Le Toy Van

Founded over 25 years ago by Georges Le Van, founder and creator of the first ever Le Toy Van toy - a beloved wooden doll house - Le Toy Van inspires play without plastic through their collections of colourful, high-quality wooden toys.

Crafted to the highest EU/US standards, Le Toy Van designs encapsulate the brand’s mission of designing unique wooden toys for a happy childhood, using materials sourced from sustainably managed forests. Striving to make a positive impact on the world, Le Toy Van has pledged to eliminate plastic from their products but never shy away from colour and fun. Offering a vibrant range of toys, including buses, educational alphabet and number sets, and even ice lolly popsicles, Le Toy Van inspires imaginative play and fosters a world of playful scenarios.

Le Van's exquisite and one-of-a-kind toys were initially inspired by his son Steven, who is now taking the reins and introducing fresh collections. Steven is carrying forward his father's vision of crafting timeless, handcrafted wooden toys that exude simplicity and love. Each Le Toy Van creation is meticulously made in the UK by ethical manufacturers who prioritise sustainability and utilise sturdy, repurposed wood.

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Counting Wooden Numbers Shape Sorter Puzzle


Wooden Ice Lollies Popsicles


London Bus Wooden Toy


Wooden Alphabet Set & Bag


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