Petit Piao

Designers of comfortable, unisex baby clothes in organic materials such as wool, modal and certified organic cotton (all with OEKO-TEX® certification), Petit Piao is a Danish brand by Jes Laursen, also known as the founder of Pom Pom and Mini Pop.

Embodying a signature Scandinavian look, Petit Piao pieces are characterised by simplicity and high quality. Their gender-neutral pieces are designed to be cherished and passed down through generations and feature colours and prints inspired by nature. Not only are they incredibly soft and comfortable they are also sure to last many wears.

Petit Piao knows that parents need convenient clothing options for their little ones, which is why they use snap button closures and fabric drawcords on their bodysuits, rompers, and sweatpants. The carefully selected fabrics are gentle on young skin and easy to wash, making life easier for busy families.

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Short Sleeve Tee - Ladybird


Long Sleeve Bodysuit - Ladybird


Footed Romper - Gooseberry


Long Sleeve Bodysuit - Cattail


Haw Sweat Pants - Green Shadow


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