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Nona Wear

Nona Wear offers natural fibre dresses that support women through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. A collaboration between old friends Gabriel Marshall and Sally Bolton, Nona Wear was developed from their experiences as new mothers who found they were lacking clothing that really worked for them whilst nursing and caring for young infants. The duo launched Nona Wear to cater to their (and likely many others’) needs. As seekers of natural, comfortable, easy and supportive clothing with beautiful aesthetics and interesting finishes, their vision was to create styles that required minimal effort but still looked good.

Achieving just this through their small-scale collections of natural dye women’s dresses, the universal one-size fits allow room for living, playing, moving, feeding and sleeping. Each piece is consciously created in Gujurat and Bangalore, India by local artisans who are committed to sustainable production. Through their small batch production model, Nona Wear reduces waste and favours natural fibres such as cotton and linen with organic certification (or are very low in pesticide use) for softness, easy care properties and versatility. Showcasing the beauty, and benefit, of using natural dyes from nature, no chemicals are involved in the production of Nona Wear clothing.

Nona Wear Grace Dress | Rust Check
Grace Dress | Rust Check
Nona Wear
Regular price £245.00
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