We are very excited to introduce oB Wear to the SMALL-FOLK women's clothing collection. Founded by Milly and run by a small team based in Nottingham, oB designs are adaptable, functional and a perfect example of wearable modern craft. Everything is designed, cut and constructed by the oB team in limited numbers and the clothing pattern shapes are really something to applaud; signature shapes, cuts and detailing make for super special designs created with life-long wear in mind.

You can read more about oB Wear below and shop the collection here.

oB Wear Unisex Bespoke Clothing at SMALL-FOLK Totnes
The Women's Day Tee - Spruce Hemp/Cotton / Sleeveless Ritual Dress - Rust Brown Drill / Women's Enclose Trouser, Straight Leg - Selvedge Denim

oB: object/body. Playing between the realm of being naked and clothed, oB Wear offers unisex pieces that are intended to be engaging and playful contributions to our wardrobes. Founded by craftswoman Milly, each oB piece is designed, cut and constructed by a small team in Nottingham, England with the hope that they will be befriended for years to come. Trousers with tie fastenings, wrap dresses and skirts, long line coats and versatile tops all have considered cuts with unique features that allow for adaptation, movement and personalisation when worn against changing body shapes.

Made using slow, hand worked garment making techniques, oB Wear only works with natural materials that have a story to tell, whether they are artisanal made, organically grown, reclaimed from waste or the fruits of an inspired project. Tweaked with new ideas and adaptive solutions over time, Milly has developed a selection of signature styles such as the Ritual Dress, zero waste Day Tee and Enclose Trouser which are cut from limited quantity textiles for either small batch releases or made to order though her bespoke service.

oB Wear Day Tee at SMALL-FOLK

The Women's Day Tee - Spruce Hemp/Cotton
The day tee is a zero waste design which means nothing is wasted in the construction process. This spruce coloured edition has been cut from a hemp/cotton blend that is lightweight and perfect for the warmer months.

oB Wear Sleeveless Ritual Dress at SMALL-FOLK Totnes

Sleeveless Ritual Dress - Rust Brown Drill

The Ritual Dress is a playful and adaptable garment that has been an evolving focal point for oB for some years. It wraps and ties around the body with the ability to be worn in a multiple different ways by alternating the overlapping bodice and skirt, wrapping and tying the straps in different ways or even wearing it back to front.

oB Enclose Trouser at SMALL-FOLK Totnes
Women's Enclose Trouser, Straight Leg - Selvedge Denim
Designed to adjust with the body as it changes, softening to our individual shapes with age and wear the Women's Enclose Trouser is a sturdy pair of staple wear trousers that wrap and tie around the body, cut from high quality selvedge denim.

A vision for practical, long-lasting and ultimately sustainable designs is intrinsic to oB’s unique method of design and construction, with tailoring influences that have been translated through engaging methods of tying, wearing and adaptation. Using considered methods of pattern cutting and placement on deadstock fabric rolls, some pieces are completely zero waste and any remaining scraps are utilized for one-off shirts, tops and cushions.

Milly’s pieces are rooted within sustainability - in the way that oB Wear designs allow for changes in the form of our bodies, rather than restricting. Remaining wearable as we transition into new shapes and sizes, oB is truly for-life and in support of this, Milly offers a repair and a reconditioning service on anything she has made.

Encouraging us to engage further with our belongings and what we choose to wear each day, you may find that some designs can be fastened in different ways. The oB vision says ‘have a play!’ and see how the garment works best for you - layered, tied, tucked - as the beginning of your friendship.

Shop the oB Wear collection here.

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