Gifts for Toddlers

Eco-friendly Christmas gifts for toddlers 2-3 years olds. Browse small Christmas gifts for toddlers and unique main gifts, including sustainable toys, plush animals, natural fibre socks and traditional wooden games. Sure to entertain young ones for many hours and made using ethical production techniques, brands such as Liewood, Sabo Concept, Senger Naturwelt and Donsje are all included within this Christmas Gifts for Toddlers segment, as firm favourites that create beautiful collections of eco-friendly toys.

Celebrating the wonder of natural fibres, handmade gifts such as the Ambrosius felt flower fairies have been made in Romania and each have charming personalities, whilst Senger Naturwelt plush cuddly toys are the softest ever, with sheep’s wool fillings held within an organic cotton outer.

If you are looking for a festive children’s pyjama update this year, look no further than the Wilhelm Pyjamas - Holiday from Liewood, decorated with a custom Christmas inspired print!

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Holiday Knit Cardigan - Forest Green


Dozy Dinkum - Custard


Dozy Dinkum - Pie


Dozy Dinkum - Pudding


Small Cuddly Dog


Small Cuddly Cow


Small Cuddly Monkey


Small Cuddly Frog


Small White Cuddly Rabbit


Small Beige Cuddly Rabbit


Small Brown Cuddly Sheep


Small White Cuddly Sheep


Small Cuddly Camel


Penguin, Head Down




Small Giraffe, Head Low




Small Kangaroo


Sitting Frog


Badger, Head Straight


Small Cat, Head Up


Sitting Cat


Haflinger Colt


Brown Horse


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