Are you on the search for back to school essentials for the new term in 2023? Trying to find the best home education resources for teaching your child through homeschooling? If you are wanting to make a switch to support ethically-focused brands, we have gathered leading products from our extensive collection of carefully curated items that tick all the boxes when it comes to shopping more sustainably.
home schooling books for home education natural toxin-free wax crayons natural crayon company
Images: our home education book selection, The Natural Crayon Company

For our two-part Back to Study series that saw us first look at getting ready for the day ahead with durable, ethically made school shoes, super soft socks and long-lasting tights, this second feature focuses on hard-wearing reusable water bottles, eco-friendly school lunch boxes and home education teaching resources. We hope to help make the back to school process easier for the whole family!

Every item featured has been designed and made following manufacturing methods that are considerate towards people and the planet, using materials that ensure longevity with non-toxic finishes; all while being aesthetically appealing to a variety of ages.

School Lunch Boxes, Snack Containers & Reusable Water Bottles

Below is a range of school lunch boxes, snack containers and reusable water bottles that are the perfect size for fitting into school backpacks and bags. We expect a good school lunch box and water bottle to last well over a year and better yet, making it easy to eradicate single use plastics during on-the-go meal times, they can be used just about everyday of the year, for picnics, playdates and car journeys.

Lunch Boxes & Snack Containers

Founded in 2015 Liewood are producers of ethical lifestyle goods for the modern family. Brought to life under controlled, safe and fair conditions and of skilled suppliers who do not compromise on either employment or environment, Liewood homewares and dining accessories are often coloured in muted tones with charming prints and characters that add a fun touch for children. 

The Liewood Arthur Lunchbox is a foolproof option for everyday school lunches thanks to the lightweight finish comprised of a super durable stainless steel body and silicone lid. Inside, the three segmented compartments allow space to store different types of food groups and the chosen materials means that this lunch box won't absorb colour or scent from its contents.

Following the same material combination but designed for smaller dry treats, the Raymon Snack Box has a compact circular design with a 3D motif adorning the flexible silicone lid - which doubles up as a little plate when out and about!

liewood children's lunch snack boxes eco-friendly school lunch boxes

1. Liewood Arthur Lunchbox - Dog
2. Liewood Arthur Lunchbox - Little Dragon
3. Liewood Raymon Snack Box - Tuscany Rose Elephant
4. Liewood Raymon Snack Box - Garden Green Crocodile

Reusable Water Bottles

Having become the ultimate eco-accessory in the last few years, and one that we are so pleased to see replacing single-use plastic water bottles, it can be overwhelming to choose the right reusable water bottle seeing as there are now so many designs in the world to choose from. Our credentials for the styles we stock at SMALL-FOLK follow always include: being easy to clean, robust, not too heavy (especially when full) and one that we will be wanting to use for many years to come, seeing as they tend to last so long!

Based in Sussex, UK One Green Bottle ticks all of these boxes. Describing themselves as 'passionate about zero plastic packaging, obsessive over reducing carbon footprint and crazy about ethical production' we really appreciate the interchangeable lids available for One Green Bottle designs, their single-colour aesthetics and use of stainless steel for reliable, hardwearing finishes that wipe clean. 

one green bottle reusable water bottles for school interchangeable water bottle sports lid

1. One Green Bottle 2 Litre Insulated Liquorice Canteen (also available in stainless steel)
2. One Green Bottle 500ml Tough Canteen - Stainless w/ All Steel Cap
3. One Green Bottle Classic Sports Cap - Amazon Green
4. One Green Bottle Loop Cap with Onegreenbottle Clip Carabiner

Home Education Resources

We believe learning should be as fun and engaging as possible, and nowadays there is no end to the beautiful books, toxic-free arts supplies and education materials we have to choose from!

Every book we stock from the likes of Little Gestalten, Templar Publishing, Lantana and Flying Eye Books has a place in our hearts but to help you out, we have filtered the range down a little to suit home educating children aged up to early teen years, spanning a range of topics. Of course, these aren't limited to just at-home teaching either, we always encourage reading afternoon, on weekends and at bedtime.

Home Education Books

home schooling books reading materials for home education children to early teens

1. Little Gestalten My Body
2. Little Gestalten Alphabetics - Patrick and Traci Concepción
3. Lantana Science and Me - Ali Winter, Mickaël el Fathi
4. Quarry Books Nature School - Lauren Giordano, Stephanie Hathaway, Laura Stroup

Teaching Aids & Non-Toxic Crayons

As for teaching aids, Grapat's signature wooden mandalas can be used in a variety of ways for maths, storytelling and art, alongside new Konges Sløjd accessories. 

For adding a brush of colour to note taking, creative workshops and general playtime, crayons from Stockmar, Goober and The Natural Crayon Company are made from natural materials using non-toxic chemicals. They arrive in their own handy cases too, to help keep workspaces tidy!

home education teaching tools wooden counting mandalas toxic-free wax crayons natural crayons

1. Grapat Tulips Mandala
2. Konges Sløjd Stacking Apple
3. The Natural Crayon Company Springtime Set of 4 Vegan Crayons
4. Stockmar Wax Crayon Set

Read part one here.

Need any help selecting the most appropriate water bottle size or a new book for at home and afternoon reading? We are always happy to help - get in touch here.

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