Introduced as part of their marble candle collection, this week we have been admiring the Goldrick Beeswax Easter Candles from Goldrick Natural Living. An alternative Easter gift - although really suitable and beautiful enough for year round appreciation - they are each individually made by hand-kneaded beeswax that has been harvested throughout different seasons, how amazing is that!

Featuring a unique marble effect that really emphasises the distinctive golden tones of beeswax, not only will these candles add a decorative element to your living space or bathroom experience, the higher melting point of beeswax in comparison to other waxes means that they will burn for longer whilst emitting a bright, warm-toned flame and a subtle fragrance.

Goldrick Happy Easter Egg Beeswax Candles
Depending on how you would like to experience or display your candles, the Happy Easter Egg Beeswax Candle is an individual, larger size egg or for a sweet cluster the Happy Easter Egg Beeswax Candles | Set of 3 are slightly smaller, but look beautiful grouped.

Did you also know that Beeswax is the only known wax that can release negative ions that attach themselves to the toxins in our air? Burning beeswax candles in your space can help to purify the air around us which is beneficial for people with allergies, chemical sensitivities and asthma.

Goldrick Natural Living Beeswax Candle Making Kit
If you have ever fancied your hand at making your own 100% beeswax dinner candles, the Goldrick Natural Living Beeswax Candle Making Kit makes it super easy to follow with ready cut sheets and on the product page we have noted step by step instructions you can follow. Allowing you to personalise the look, size and shape of your desired candle, the kit allows them to be rolled in a lot of different ways - you can use the whole sheet or cut the sheets in half to make shorter or skinnier candles. You can also make thicker candles by continuing to roll another sheet - so many options! 

Based in London and founded in 2018, Goldrick Natural Living has a vision to inspire people to see the beauty and purpose in nature. Launched by Eileen with the ambition of creating natural living environments in support of building a life alongside nature in support of our wonderful planet, Goldrick Natural Living champions the shift away from single-use plastic in replacement of natural alternatives that not only purposeful, but beautiful too. Not only producing their own designs, Goldrick Natural Living works with small, independent and ethical individuals and manufacturers who compete with the less sustainable (and much less ethical) market, despite the smaller profit margins.

Hoping to raise awareness for what consumer-driven resource and human exploitation is doing to people and our planet, Goldrick Natural living hopes that ultimately messages like theirs won’t be necessary.


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