Each week we select a children's book that we are particularly enjoying, and hope you will too. Always beautifully illustrated with touching stories and educational content, you can browse our full book collection here. We also have Yoto Audio Players which continue to be a hit with all age ranges.

SMALL-FOLK Book of the Week: The Little Gardener - Julie A. Cerny

Our Book of the Week:
This week we are focusing on gardening, seeds are being planted in the greenhouse over here, we're in a bit of a frost pocket so a little later than in other places perhaps. The Little Gardener by Julie A. Cerny is part how-to teaching guide, part inspiration and fully beautiful and engaging.

It's for slightly older children and it's a fairly substantial book but it's something that can be pored over, contemplated and digested in somewhat the same way as a recipe book. There's so much in it, which makes sense, as there's so much to gardening! For those who are starting to get interested in growing this would make such a fab gift, or for the parent who wants to inspire their child into the wonder of connecting with the natural world, it's a great book.

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