Each week we select a children's book that we are particularly enjoying, and hope you will too. Always beautifully illustrated with touching stories and educational content, you can browse our full book collection here. We also have Yoto Audio Players which continue to be a hit with all age ranges.

The SMALL-FOLK Book of the Week: A Story About Afiya by James Berry, Anna Cunha

Our Book of the Week:
Our chosen book this week is A Story About Afiya, by James Berry and illustrated by Anna Cunha. It’s a beautiful tale of a girl and her dress, and the adventures and memories of the day being imprinted onto her one dress which she washes every night but the memories don’t come out.

Each morning when she wakes though, her dress is fresh and white once more. A wonderful literal interpretation of each day being a new one, with amazing illustrations. A book that will instil feelings of appreciation of beautiful experiences and the joy that they can bring.

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