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SMALL-FOLK Book of the Week: Andrea D’Aquino

Our Book of the Week:

​She Heard the Birds by Andrea D’Aquino is a wonderful educational tale about a pioneering birder and activist Florence Merriam Bailey. It combines the beautiful story of how Florence fell in love with nature, particularly observing and learning about birds, alongside information and facts about studying birds in nature. I love this book, the encouragement it can give to young children to stop, look and listen when out in nature, and the joy of being able to identify birdsong is something that kids (and grown ups) can both enjoy.

​We've just had RSPB Birdwatch 2022, it happens every year and is a great thing to get involved in, 'the UK's largest garden-based citizen science project' and there's nothing stopping us from counting and identifying birds on any other weekend of the year too! The birds on the page identifier of ​She Heard the Birds are a mix of ones that can be found here in the UK and ones in America.

​This book is perfect for kids aged between 4 and 8 years old.

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