Each week we select a children's book that we are particularly enjoying, and hope you will too. Always beautifully illustrated with touching stories and educational content, you can browse our full book collection here. We also have Yoto Audio Players which continue to be a hit with all age ranges.

SMALL-FOLK Book of the Week: The Mystery of the Golden Wonderflower - Benjamin Flouw

Our Book of the Week:
We’re returning from summer break to our Book of the Week! Starting with The Mystery of the Golden Wonderflower by Benjamin Flouw.

This is always a popular book in the shop, it captures the essence of adventure, the required equipment that is needed, and the feeling of heading off on a quest! But it shares a more important message about nature, and the need to leave things be, allow nature to thrive left alone and admire it without feeling the need to interfere.

Fantastic illustrations and a really beautiful feeling book, one to be kept and treasured for many years. Best for ages 3 to around 7.

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