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Book of the Week: Spring Parade - Camelia Kay, Allyn Howard

Our Book of the Week:
Our Book of the Week posts had an unintentional break... not through lack of choice (quite the opposite) but more lack of Instagram inspiration. Having now had lots of chats with the wonderful Lou and Sophia I'm feeling inspired again as to what and why I want to share on this ever changing but always interesting platform!

​Anyway back to the book, I've snuck in one last Spring themed book, because it's too cute and beautiful not to share. Just published a couple of months back, Spring Parade is a wonderful book to share the coming and passing through of Spring with the littlest among us. Simple text but with lots of potential to talk around, and the most immersive illustration in a very poppy palette, this book is such a perfect choice for a 1-3 year old to encourage noticing the seasons and a love of the great changes they bring. ​Words by Camellia Kay and Art by Allyn Howard.

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Hi Louise, I remember seeing your sweet IG post in stories that spring of 2022. I just stumbled upon this post. Thank you so much!! I just finished the fall parade book. It won’t be out until next year, but I’m excited about it. I was having a down day, so this just brightened it up for me :) Hope you and all of Small Folk are doing splendidly!


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