Each week we select a children's book that we are particularly enjoying, and hope you will too. Always beautifully illustrated with touching stories and educational content, you can browse our full book collection here. We also have Yoto Audio Players which continue to be a hit with all age ranges.

The SMALL-FOLK Book of the Week: What's the Difference - Emma Strack/Guillaume Plantevin

Our Book of the Week:
Book of the Week this week is What's the Difference by Emma Strack/Guillaume Plantevin.

I love this book, it shouts to my inner person who wants to know all these sorts of facts and have absolutely alll the answers! Why is a hare different from a rabbit? What makes African and Indian elephants differ? This is the ideal book for a curious 7+ year old (or earlier, this is definitely a book to share) who wants to learn. 

We shared a preview of this book on our Instagram, take a look here.

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