We're in the midst of Half Term (in Devon at least, I think it was last week for some areas of the country?!) and many thoughts are on entertainment! Enter... the Yoto!

The Yoto Player and Yoto Mini are, in my humble opinion, some of the best kids products to have been recently designed. The basic concept is nothing new, they are audio players at the heart of it, but the way they work, the simplicity of something which could nowadays be so complex, is ideal.

I get a lot of questions in the shop about whether to go for the original Yoto, or a Yoto Mini so thought I would go over some of the differences here to help those of you who might be swithering...

Yoto Audio Players at SMALL-FOLK

We have at home the original Yoto, have had it for a while, and it works best for us when we're home or in the car for the school run. The size of it means it's portable enough for car travel but it needs to be charged with a standard plug. We mainly charge it overnight so it can be a bit more portable around the house during the day. It's quite heavy, Fearne is aged five and a half and wouldn't want to carry it around any more than she has to really, it comes in at 587g (without Adventure Jacket).

​The Yoto Mini is tiny, like, really tiny. When you hold it in your hand having had the original player it feels so dinky and perfect for a little one to port around. It weighs a mere 159g! Really for proper use as a travel companion to the supermarket, or wherever they deem it needs to go with them, the Adventure Jacket is a must as it has the lanyard and clip meaning it can go around the neck and be safe from being dropped or lost.

Do you have any questions about the Yoto or the Yoto Mini? You can send us a message via email if so and we will be happy to help: hello@small-folk.co.uk.

We have a great selection of Yoto Cards online and in-store, telling stories such as Roald Dahl's classics, Ladybird Bedtime Stories and a variety of educational travel and nature focused tales. There is the option to make your own too in packs of 5 or 10!

Our Yoto Selection

Audio Players

Yoto Audio Players at SMALL-FOLK

Yoto Cards

Yoto Audio Cards at SMALL-FOLK

We regularly get new story cards in, so keep checking our new arrivals and Yoto collection page.

Travel Cases

Yoto Audio Player Travel Cases at SMALL-FOLK

1. Mini Yoto Player Travel Case 2. Yoto Player Adventure Jacket (available in a selection of colours) 3. Yoto Mini Adventure Jacket (available in a selection of colours)

About Yoto...

Providing entertainment for children without a screen, the Yoto smart speaker and accessories are inspired by Montessori philosophy. Allowing kids to connect with their favourite audio book stories whilst encouraging them to independently choose what they want to listen to by inserting physical cards, the Yoto smart speaker works without the need for any cameras, microphone or advertisements. From music and books to activities and podcasts, our Yoto card library here at SMALL-FOLK offers an extensive selection of choices from well-known authors such as Enid Blyton and Michael Bond, alongside adaptations of classics such as Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid and Winnie-The-Pooh. The Yoto player itself has a built-in nightlight feature and a day/night clock shown via a simple pixel display that shows relevant icons when playing the audio.

Controllable using the Yoto app, parents can customise morning and night-time limits whilst additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity, free content, daily podcasts and a headphone output show just how versatile the Yoto has been created to be.

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