Based in Germany, Ostheimer has been crafting wooden toys for over 70 years! As a stockist of Ostheimer wooden toys here in the UK, we are thrilled to offer the brand's distinctive hand-crafted figures to provide children with relatable examples of the real world during creative play.

Individually shaped to create unique hand-crafted finishes, Ostheimer wooden figures are made with constant consideration to the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. By utilising responsibly sourced and sustainable materials - including painting with organic oil - not only do Ostheimer pieces stand out for their high quality, robust finishes and characteristic hand-painted features, they also help to protect the future childhoods.

Ostheimer wooden toys christmas figures arctic characters
[Images by Ostheimer]

With there being a fair few characters to choose from, we have grouped pieces into themes to help get you started, or select the next perfect addition to your group. Browse Ostheimer wooden figures that can be used to create scenes such as the British countryside, a pond, exotic landscapes, a busy farmyard or a human family to watch over one another and the animals...

You can browse the full Ostheimer collection here.

Arctic & Christmas

Ostheimer wooden toys christmas characters arctic scene

1. Ostheimer Howling Wolf £15.50
2. Ostheimer Small Penguin £10.70
3. Ostheimer Male Roe Deer £15.35
4. Ostheimer St Nicholas II (with Staff) £37.20
5. Ostheimer Penguin, Head Down £13.70
6. Ostheimer Little Yellow Angel £15.25
7. Ostheimer Polar Bear £15.15
8. Ostheimer Unicorn £18.15
9. Ostheimer 4 Part Ice Flow £36.80
10. Ostheimer Little Turquoise Angel £15.25

British Countryside

Ostheimer wooden toys english countryside animal figures

1. Ostheimer Medium European Oak Tree (with support) £25.60
2. Ostheimer Sitting Squirrel £11.60
3. Ostheimer Snail £12.80
4. Ostheimer Small Creeping Fox £12.40
5. Ostheimer Small Badger £10.10
6. Ostheimer Small Hedgehog £10.70
7. Ostheimer Sitting Rabbit £11.80

Ostheimer wooden animal toys uk
[Images by Ostheimer]


Ostheimer pond wooden animal figures uk

1. Ostheimer Sitting Frog £9.90
2. Ostheimer Drake £14.20
3. Ostheimer Pond £25.20
4. Ostheimer Small Fence Panel £3.25
5. Ostheimer Swimming Duck £13.15


Ostheimer exotic animal figures uk

1. Ostheimer Small Camel £14.85
2. Ostheimer African Baobab Tree (with support) £42.40
3. Ostheimer Small Eating Elephant £16.00
4. Ostheimer Jumping Tiger £22.50
5. Ostheimer Mouth Open Hippo £25.40
6. Ostheimer Zebra £27.30
7. Ostheimer Crocodile £32.70

Ostheimer farm english countryside wooden scenes
[Images by Ostheimer]

Appropriate for solo and group play where new imagined worlds are brought to life, Ostheimer wooden figures can also be used for decoration and at-home teaching - we like to use them to create seasonal displays complete with gathered foliage from the garden to really set the scene!

Making beautiful gifts no matter the season, one of the wonderful things about Ostheimer characters is that they are versatile during play, learning and teaching and make for a great buildable collection - whether this means 5 pieces or 100! They can easily be mixed and matched with other toys too.

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Ostheimer farm wooden animal figures uk

1. Ostheimer Chicken House £95.90
2. Ostheimer Goose Head High £12.80
3. Ostheimer Brown Colt £17.20
4. Ostheimer Resting Lamb £10.35
5. Ostheimer Mouse £5.00
6. Ostheimer Yellow Chick £6.80
7. Ostheimer Pig, Head High £11.85
8. Ostheimer Piglet £8.60
9. Ostheimer Grass, 3 Pieces £11.70


Ostheimer family people wooden figures uk

1. Ostheimer Daughter £16.00
2. Ostheimer Mother £22.30
3. Ostheimer Son £22.00
4. Ostheimer Grandmother £22.30
5. Ostheimer Father £22.30
6. Ostheimer Grandfather £22.30

Thanks to the chosen solid wood material and carefully applied finishes, when you begin building your own Ostheimer collection, you are investing in pieces that will be enjoyed for many years to come. 

Look out for new arrivals throughout the year too, including Christmas and holiday themed editions. 

Have any questions? We are always happy to help - get in touch with us.

Browse the full Ostheimer collection here.

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