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Senger Naturwelt Cuddly Animals

Last week we sent out a newsletter featuring the Senger Naturwelt cuddly animal toys with heatable inner pouches - they are sooo soft and make for the perfect comforting winter companions.

We received some inquiries about the warming procedure and wanted to take a moment to address an important safety point about heating the inner removable warming pillows.

Please only use a microwave to heat the pillows found within the smaller sized Senger Naturwelt toys NOT the larger editions.

Senger naturwelt cuddly animal uk stockist

The fillings of these pillows contain different natural materials depending on their cuddly size, which means they retain heat to different degrees.

It is important to exercise caution when using either a microwave or oven to avoid overheating and burning the pillow.

To be extra safe, another method is warming on a radiator - keep an eye on it and check the temperature with your hand.
Senger naturwelt cuddly animal toys uk stockist

This rule should be followed for each of the heatable animal characters - an easy way to determine whether they have warming pouches is by looking to the name of the product, it will include the size, 'Cuddly' and then the animal.

Further clarification can be found on the official Senger Naturwelt website here.

If you have any questions please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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