Continuing our staff picks series as we move through the summer, next up is Chrissie who has a real love for meeting and greeting customers in our shop. We pitched her the fun question of 'as your 5 year old self, what 5 items would you choose from the shop?' to really get her imagination going!

We hope you enjoy reading about her choices below...

Hello I'm Chrissie, I have worked at SMALL-FOLK for a number of years and I love it! 
Partly because I get to work with Anna, which usually involves coffee and cakes but also because I get to meet so many friendly customers.

I feel especially lucky that many of our customers visit with their adorable babies and children, who love looking and playing with the wonderful assortments of toys and books. There are always so delights to see. Probably the nicest element of my work is the fact that because we have many locals who regularly shop with us, I get to see their children growing up. This makes the shop feel extra special, like a community.

I really love delivery days, it feels like Christmas opening all of the boxes. The clothes are so beautiful and the imaginative toys are just exquisite, often handmade too which is refreshing to see as items that are designed to last, made with care by people who are being paid a fair wage. This can be rare to find nowadays.

I have been asked to write about five products from the shop that I would choose if I was five years old…I think in reality I would be unable to choose and probably have a tantrum from being restricted to just five things. I’d want it all! I would be marched right out of the shop while having a tantrum! However, had I kept my composure I would have chosen…

SMALL-FOLK Staff Picks For Summer: Chrissie

1. A sweet cotton dress, likely the Apolina's Betty Dress - Magnolia which is very pretty and I like the new Bitsy Wrap Dress - Flor De Amor floral print design from Konges Sløjd too.

2. A Olli Ella wicker luggage would carry essentials for a picnic, and this super soft (5.) Animal Baby, White Rabbit by Senger Naturwelt would join me and keep me company. 

3. I would use the Ophelia Silicone Tea Set - Blue Multi from Liewood for refreshments of jam sandwiches and lemonade, and I would buy a delicious bunch of carrots...because rabbits love carrots!

4. To relax after filling our bellies, I would read a beautiful book about trees such as The Book of Amazing Trees - Nathalie Tordjman, Isabelle Simler, Julien Norwood by Abrams & Chronicle to soak up my surroundings and learn more about nature.

It’s entertaining to imagine my five year old self again, if I was possible, maybe it would be fun to go back to that time for a day or two!

Can you picture it and what you would choose?

Enjoy the summer and hopefully see you soon,


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