Totnes’ market is a real highlight of the town and takes place every Friday and Saturday on the Market Square, between 8.45am to 4.30pm (November to March) and 8.45am to 5.30pm (April to October). Unless the weather is really atrocious, there is always an abundance of stalls offering antiques, second hand clothing, food, soaps, tools and intriguing trinkets - something for everyone! We recommend taking the time to mooch around with a coffee and soak up all of the offerings.

Having all browsed the market for the last few years, the SMALL-FOLK team now have favourite stalls and things to look out for, which we have shared below. You can use these as a good place to start if you’ve never visited the market before. Although it isn’t a huge market, there is often a lot to see, in addition to Totnes’ established high-street offering so we hope you find the highlights helpful. We always encourage folks to take a good look down each isle though and there is often a new stall or surprise mixed in each week.

The SMALL-FOLK Totnes Guide: The MarketThe famous Totnes market square.

Chrissie’s Totnes Market Pick:

A flower and plant stall called The Blue Pebble, who are there on Fridays and some Saturdays. Selling a beautiful range of seasonal indoor, outdoor plants and flower bundles that bring a fresh burst of colour to the home and garden! 

Sophia’s Totnes Market Pick:

Fruit and vegetables from Apricot Farm who aim to create and run a sustainable diverse farm, wellbeing service and business. Based in Dartington, Apricot Farm recognises that there is a fundamental link between the wellbeing of the soil, food and habitat, and the mental and physical health of the people in and around the farm.

Creating a wonderful environment for a warm and effective mental health/wellbeing service for children and families, Apricot Farm offers a whole host of supportive services, and at Totnes Market you can get a literal taste of their impact by purchasing fruit and veg bags which are as seasonal and local as possible.

The SMALL-FOLK Totnes Guide: The MarketThe Blue Pebble.

Anna’s Totnes Market Picks:
Similarly to Apricot Farm, certified organic nursery Growers Organic is a regular stall on Fridays and Saturdays for all of the budding and experienced gardeners out there! For vegetable plants, seasonal plant packs, organic herbs and seeds, you can expect Growers Organic at the market in February to early/mid-September. Seeing them always inspires us to get our own veggie growing on the go and planting seeds makes for a fun - albeit a little messy - activity to do with the kids too to teach them about nature and home-grown goodness.

We can all agree that one of the best Totnes Market food stalls is Kumar’s Dosa Bar who sells authentic South Indian food. Regularly serving up the tastiest masala Dosa, chutney and dhal, Kumar uses vegan and gluten free ingredients as well as their own vegetables which have been grown on a plot of land in Bratton Clovelly, Devon.

For something to take home, the Athenian Olive Stallholder has the juiciest olives, extra virgin olive oils and various Greek delicacies.

The SMALL-FOLK Totnes Guide: The Market
Veggies and Kumar himself.

We hope you enjoy reading our suggestions. Let us know if you stop by any of our recommendations, you can tag us at @small.folk or #smallfolktotnes. 

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