As with the surrounding offering of food, drink and activities, when it comes to shopping on Totnes’ high-street there is a shared focus on sustainability, ethical sourcing and high-quality pieces. What we are most proud of is how independent it has managed to remain after so many years. From the tip of the high-street to right down across The Plains, you’ll find a great range of boutiques, gift shops, art galleries, waste-free supermarkets, charity stores and music shops.

We may be biased as this is where you’ll find us, but the area we like most is The Narrows, a historic windy road that is overlooked by Totnes castle with a wall that dates back to the 14th century! Be sure to look up, down and around when you stroll the high-street as there are lots of little details to be spotted on original buildings, and some playful new additions too. Take care when walking on the pavement as in The Narrows it overspills onto the road which is often busy with traffic.

The first stop on The Narrows has to be us at SMALL-FOLK of course, you’ll be greeted by one of the team and we make sure we have nice music playing so you can browse at ease or ask our advice on something. We offer click and collect too, if you’ve spotted something in particular online.

After visiting us we suggest you look almost opposite to Butterworth’s Vintage Co. to browse American and European menswear, workwear and military items. Based in Bristol before the founding duo Col and Holly relocated to France for a year, we’re really pleased to have these guys now settled in Totnes with their offering of unique pieces. It’s made even more special by the fact that their 89 High Street spot was the home of the original SMALL-FOLK store! As a trio of wonderful neighbours, on the same side of the street as Butterworth’s you’ll find Fox & Company and Wine & Greene.

The SMALL-FOLK Totnes Guide: Shopping - Butterworth's Vintage
[Images from: Butterworth’s Vintage Co.]

Keeping to our side of the street for now, for handmade and Fair Trade design, The Forest & Co. is one of our favourites with a really beautiful interior and abundance of home accessories, gifts, and women's clothing. Their eye for pretty glassware always captures our attention and it takes some restraint to not want to totally redecorate the home after browsing their store for a minute or two!

The SMALL-FOLK Totnes Guide: Shopping - The Forest and Co.
[Images from: The Forest & Co.]

A little further up on the same side as Butterworth’s Vintage Co. is independent wine merchants Wine & Greene. Focusing on picking the very best wine from growers from France, Italy and Greece, Wine & Greene has a particular love for Greek wine which they proudly display within a diverse selection in addition to craft beer and cider.

The SMALL-FOLK Totnes Guide: Shopping - Wine & Greene
[Images from: Wine & Greene]

Fox & Company, a gift shop that feels like a real trove to browse, selling modern and vintage treasures, as well as gorgeous bouquets of fresh flowers. They always have local, handmade pieces and original, quirky homewares, including furniture. There’s often a rail of second-hand clothing outside and their collection will be of particular interest to anyone who enjoys homewares with rustic charm.

The SMALL-FOLK Totnes Guide: Fox & Company
[Images from: Fox & Company]

A waste free store you might have heard of before seeing as they were the very first zero waste, organic, bulk-buy, plant-based, whole foods shop in the UK, Earth Food Love Zero Waste is family-run shop with a really fantastic selection of grains, pulses, herbs, spices, raw peanut butter and zero waste essentials. Their raw chocolate nuts are one of our favourite treats and we find their prices really reasonable, at the same time as their location being super accessible to us!

The SMALL-FOLK Totnes Guide: Shopping - Earth Food Love
[Images from: Earth Food Love Zero Waste]

Just a few steps away from The Bull Inn who we mentioned in our Eating segment of the SMALL-FOLK Totnes guide, Me and East is a family-owned lifestyle and gift shop on Leechwell Street. Celebrating unique and beautifully handmade items, Me and East has a wonderful selection of jewellery, soaps, clothing, textiles, homewares and decorative items that make for gorgeous, affordable presents. If you are looking for local happenings and events, Me and East also hosts collaborative workshops and look out for them at nearby artisan and food markets. This September owners Max and Chloe are celebrating five years of Me and Ease - give them your well wishes if you stop by!

The SMALL-FOLK Totnes Guide: Shopping: Me and East
[Images from: Me and East]

We hope you enjoy reading our suggestions. Let us know if you stop by any of our recommendations, you can tag us at @small.folk or #smallfolktotnes. 

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