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Wilded Family

Plastic-free toys and learning materials created using sustainable, eco-friendly materials by UK based artist Stephanie Green’s Wilded Family, previously named Waldorf Family in relation to Waldorf education, also known as Steiner education. Adorn your home in nature-inspired illustrations and assist in little one’s learning journey with beautifully illustrated weather wheels, alphabet cards, perpetual calendars, moon phase wheels and educational posters. Using a rainbow of colours directly relating to tones found throughout the year in the changing seasons, Wilded Family resources are all made in the Great Britain with the intention to help children and their grown-ups see the beauty and wonder in all things.

Guided by her desire to create imagery that children love and that reminds them to go outside and play, Wilded Family was founded by Stephanie Green who grew up on a farm set within Quantocks hills in Somerset. Inspiration for Wilded Family illustrations and designs are taken from her memories of endless summers, warm winter fires and the beginning of her artistic journey where she would lose herself in the worlds drawn onto paper pages. After finding herself creating artistic pieces for her daughters in support of their development and relationship with nature, Stephanie established her own brand under the name of Waldorf Family to share these designs with others.
Wilded Family Wild Alphabet Cards
Wild Alphabet Cards
Wilded Family
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Wilded Family Weather Wheel
Weather Wheel
Wilded Family
Regular price £44.00
Wilded Family Wooden Perpetual Calendar (Northern Hemisphere)
Perpetual Calendar (Northern Hemisphere)
Wilded Family
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Wilded Family A3 Wild Alphabet Poster
Wild Alphabet Poster
Wilded Family
Regular price £13.00
Wilded Family Wooden Moon Phases Wheel
Moon Phases Wheel
Wilded Family
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Seasonal Nature Table
Seasonal Nature Table
Wilded Family
Regular price £82.99
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