And I Paint It - Beth Kephart, Amy June Bates

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A poetic picture-book biography about artist N.C. Wyeth’s daughter, Henriette, a talented painter in her own right

""And I think of the girl I am and the girl I’ll be: A painter, like Pa.. An actress (maybe)... A fairy with wings""

A father and daughter sneak away from their big, busy family to paint in the wild landscape. Together, they paint a lily, bright and white as a star; the green growing into the cap of a strawberry; the blue in the sky running pink. Henriette’s father is N.C. Wyeth, the famous artist, who encourages her to paint what she sees, to awaken into her dreams, and she does, in this poetic picture book inspired by a famous American family of artists.

  • Hardback
  • 40 pages
  • 254 x 292mm

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